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Licensed Vegetarian Restaurant in Edinburgh

Open every day from 12 noon 

56-58 St Mary's Street, Edinburgh.
t:  0131 556 5888

Here, deep aubergine walls accented in silver and dark, minimalist seating send a strictly "nouvelle" message. As does the menu, which sweeps confidently through most of the globe, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, via India and Thailand.
- The Scotsman.

Edinburgh Festival 2022

Please note that the restaurant doesn’t take bookings in August during the Edinburgh Festival (5 - 29 Aug). Come early if you can.
Thank you.

Normal opening times:

We are open every day from midday to 10.00pm


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Freshly ground continental roast, made to order
Ground continental roast, made to order.
Single espresso topped with foamed milk and a sprinkling of chocolate.
Single shot of strong coffee with an intense aroma.
double 2.75     single 2.25
Single espresso topped with frothy milk
Single espresso topped with hot milk with a creamy top
Single espresso and chocolate topped with hot frothy milk
Hot chocolate
The classic warming drink, with cream.
Tea - English breakfast, Earl grey, Darjeeling, Chamomile flower, Yunnan green tea, Rose black, Jasmine, Lapsang souchong, Rooibos, Fresh mint, Apple and cinnamon. All loose leaf.
Hot port
A 50ml shot of port with hot water, served with lemon & cloves.

Liqueur coffee
A selection of liqueur coffees are available with cream.

All hot drinks are available with full cream or semi-skimmed milk, organic soya or speciality barista oat milk.



Download Drink Menu PDF

Chenin Blanc, Van Loveren, 2019, South Africa.
Aromatic with quince, guava and granny smith apple flavours, and a crisp, dry finish. [abv 12.5%]
175ml glass: 5.60 250ml glass: 8.00 Bottle: 23.95
Viognier, Los Gansos, 2019 Chile.
A bright Viognier with apricot, peach and orange aromas. [abv 13%]
175ml glass: 5.95 250ml glass: 8.50 Bottle: 24.45
Willowglen Gewürztraminer Riesling, 2020 Australia. V
A semi-sweet wine with rosewater and citrus aromas. [abv 12%]
175ml glass: 6.20 250ml glass: 8.85 Bottle: 26.50
Sauvignon Blanc, Rigid Elm, 2020 Bulgaria. V
Made from grapes grown on the Danube plain. Fresh citrus flavours with apricot and grapefruit aromas. [abv 13%]
175ml glass: 6.55 250ml glass: 9.35 Bottle: 27.95
Alasia Cortese, 2020 Italy. V
Fresh green apple aromas with notes of grapefruit, lime and honeysuckle. [abv 12%]
175ml glass: 6.65 250ml glass: 9.45 Bottle: 28.25
Pinot Grigio, Alpha Zeta, 2019 Italy.
This Pinot Grigio is slightly fuller than most as the grapes are left on the vine for an extra 2-3 weeks. Zesty and dry with savoury fruit characters. [abv 12.5%]
175ml glass: 6.75 250ml glass: 9.60 Bottle: 28.75
Gea Verdejo, Alcardet, 2020 Spain. V - Organic
Elegant , fresh, round and sweet with white fruit, citrus and fennel aromas. [abv 12%]
Bottle: 30.00
Grüner Veltliner, 2019 Austria. V
Tickles the tongue with white pepper and citrus fruit. Soft texture in the mouth with a fresh and clean finish. [abv 12.5%]
Bottle: 31.95
Gorgorito Rueda de Duero, Verdejo 2019 Spain.
Very fresh a clean in the palate with a dry finish and grass and gooseberries aromas. [abv 13%]
Bottle: 34.00
Albariño, Granbazan Verde, 2020 Spain. V
Crisp, medium-bodied, with refreshing acidity and a fruity finish. [abv 13.5%]
Bottle: 36.25
Chardonnay, Clos Montblanc, 2019 Conca de Barbera, Spain.
Lots of creamy spicy oak, from fermentation in French barrels. Rich tropical fruit, refreshing citrus flavours and great persistence. [abv 14.5%]
Bottle 38.00
Rioja, Maturana Blanca, 2019 Spain. V - organic
Made from the oldest grape variety in Rioja, virtually extinct and brought back by Ijalba wine makers. Aromas of apple, banana and citrus fruits with herbal notes [abv 13.5%]
Bottle: 39.00
Sancerre, Patrice Moreux, 2018 France.
Full and refreshing, it is dominated by flinty stones, with the acidity of grapefruit and lemon rind. [abv. 13%]
Bottle: 41.00
St Veran ‘Le Moulin du Pont’, Auvigue Brothers, Macon, 2019 France.
Wonderfully structured, showing great fruit with lovely toasty flavours and a crisp citrus aftertaste, ideally balanced and full bodied. [abv 13.5%]
Bottle: 49.00

We try to ensure our vintages are correct but please note there may be the odd change as new vintages are released.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Norte Chico, 2019 Chile.
Delicious, medium bodied, with blackberry and cassis flavours. [abv 13%] .
175ml glass: 6.65 250ml glass: 8.00 Bottle: 23.95
Tempranillo, Monterio 2018 Spain.
A lovely ripe and vividly flavoured Tempranillo made from fruit sourced from the Castilla region of Spain. (abv 13%).
175ml glass: 5.90 250ml glass: 8.45 Bottle: 25.25
Merlot, Solara, Glou-glou, 2019 Romania. V
erved chilled this wine is made completely naturally and unfiltered. Easy to drink with notes of red fruits, vanilla and oak and low tannings.. [abv 13.5%]
175ml glass: 6.25 250ml glass: 8.95 Bottle: 26.75
Otis Tarda Red Rioja, 2020 Spain. V - organic
Sweet young Rioja made with tempranillo grapes. Delicious fruit aromas and red berry flavours. [abv 14%]
175ml glass: 6.70 250ml glass: 9.65 Bottle: 28.95
The War Horse, Stellenbosch, 2017 South Africa. V
Aromas of berry fruits with a brambly palate. [abv 14.5%]
175ml glass: 6.95 250ml glass: 9.95 Bottle: 29.75
Paparuda Pinot Noir, 2020 Romania. V
Fruity, rich and potent, with layers of ripe black cherry, raspberry and cinnamon. [abv 12.5%]
175ml glass: 7.45 250ml glass: 10.60 Bottle: 31.75
El Encinal Ribera del Duero, 2019 Spain. V
Full bodied, dry, with intense cherry and plum aromas, and a silky palate. [abv 14.5%]
Bottle: 35.00
Côte du Rhône Villages, Domaine Valand, 2018 France. V - organic
Made with Grenache and Shiraz grape varieties. Elegant, with aromas of cassis and cherry. [abv 14.5%]
Bottle: 38.25
Malbec (blend), Gaia, 2014 Argentina. V - organic
Rich, smooth and full bodied with a long finish. Aromas of blackberry with silky rounded tannins and hints of violets, plums and spices. [abv 13.5%]
Bottle: 41.95
Vacqueyras Les plain des Moines. 2016. France.
Rich and spicy. Medium body with good concentration of black currant fruit and notes of liquorice. [abv 14.5%]
Bottle: 45.00
Rioja, Marqués de Murrieta, 2015 Spain.
Complex layers of sweet and savoury fruit, vanilla and spice. Full, fresh and vibrant. [abv 14%]
Bottle: 49.00
Malbec (blend), Ameri, 2012 Argentina. V - organic
Full bodied with an intense purple colour, this wine has power, finesse and elegance. Aged in French oak for 16 months.. [abv 15%]
Bottle: 55.00
Châteauneuf du Pape, Domaine du Haut des Terres Blanches, 2018 France.
One of France’s most famous wines, a hearty red made from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. [abv 14.5%]
Bottle: 62.00

Rosé Wine

Solara Rose, Merlot and Cabernet blend, 2020 Romania. V - organic
Soft mouthfeel with lovely strawberry and ripe red fruit flavours and balanced with crisp acidity. . [abv 12%]
175ml glass: 6.10 250ml glass: 8.60 Bottle: 25.75
Ponte Pietra Pinot Grigio Rosato, 2018 Italy.
A lovely pink coloured rosato. Fresh and crisp with a delicate strawberry perfume. [abv 12%]
175ml glass: 6.55 250ml glass: 9.40 Bottle: 27.95
Pinot Noir Rosé, J Wolf, 2020 Germany.
Pale salmon pink in colour, with hints of rhubarb and raspberry, a rich creamy texture and a splash of strawberry. [abv 11.5%]
Bottle: 29.00
Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, 2015 Chile.
A delicate sweet honey wine, almost lemon meringue-like in character. [abv 12.0%].
70ml glass: 3.75 375ml Bottle: 18.95
Campbells, Rutherglen Muscat, Australia.
Fruity and luscious - ideal with richer desserts [abv 17.5%].
70ml glass: 4.95 375ml Bottle: 24.50

All the wines on this list are to the very best of our knowledge vegetarian. Those marked [V] are, again to the very best of our knowledge, vegan.

abv - alcohol by volume. We try to ensure our vintages are correct, but please note there may be the odd change as new vintages are released.

Cava La Escapada Brut, Spain. V
Streams of fine bubbles with hints of honey and brioche. [abv 11.5%]
125ml glass: 6.95 Bottle: 35.00
Rosé La Escapada Cava Brut, Spain. V
Powerful fresh aromas of ripe strawberries and raspberries mixed with crushed grapes. [abv 11.5%]
125ml glass: 6.95 Bottle: 35.00
Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Rosé, 2017 South Africa. V
The aromas of rose petals and red berries dominate the nose and reveal its red grape origins. [abv 12%]
Bottle: 39.00
Bernard Robert Champagne Reserve Brut, France.
From a small high quality producer based in Voigny in the southern part of the Champagne region, this predominately black grapes Champagne offers a softer easy drinking style. [abv 12%]
Bottle: 51.50
Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut NV, Champagne.
Consisting of approximately three quarters Pinot Noir and Meunier with one quarter Chardonnay, Bollinger Special Cuvée is one of the fullest champagnes with an intensely rich character of freshly baked bread alongside citrus and baked apple fruit.
Bottle: 90.00
Kir Royale
Sparkling wine and Crème de Cassis. (Also available with Cava Rosé)
Sparkling wine, peach purée and a touch of peach schnapps. (Also available with Cava Rosé)
Bloody Mary
Stolichnaya, tomato juice, dashes of Tabasco and vegan Worcester Sauce, and black pepper
Expresso Martini
Stolichnaya, Kahlua and espresso.
Stolichnaya, Cointreau, organic cranberry juice and fresh lime.
Chilli Margarita
Chilli infused Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice, and garnished with chilli flakes. We can make this cocktail mild or hot!
Daffy’s gin, Carpano rosso and Campari served over ice garnished with dried orange.
White Russian
Kahlua and vodka built with milk, cream, oat milk or soya milk topped with dark chocolate powder.
Rose Long Vodka
Lemon infused Vodka, angostura bitters, toasted cardamom pods built in with fentimans rose lemonade garnished with rose petals
Elderflower and rosemary Collins
Classic cocktail with rosemary infused Daffy’s gin and elderflower cordial.
Winter Punch
Orange infused aged rum, muscovado sugar, clove, cinnamon, star anise, lime and ginger beer.
Calvados, Cointreau, lemon juice, muscovado sugar. Shaken and served in Martini glass.
Another classic made with your choice of Whisky, Amaretto or Calvados.
Please ask your server if you would like a cocktail that is not on our list and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Cromarty Red Rocker
50cl. Red rye based with a smooth bitterness. [abv 5%]
Cromarty Happy Chappy
50cl. Pale ale. Fresh, zesty and refreshing. Staff favourite. [abv 4.1%]
Cromarty lager
33cl Munich style lager. Clean and crisp yet simple and delicious. [abv 4.4%]
Bellfield Rogue state double IPA
33cl - Tropical, citrus and pine flavours, and gluten free. [abv 7.3%]
Bellfield Bohemian Pilsner - gluten free
Classic Czech style Pilsner. Light and refreshing.
Volcano IPA
33cl A zingy IPA with a perfect balance between malts and hops. [abv 5%]
Not milk stout
33cl - A copper-coloured, aromatic beer, brewed in Leith, and gluten free. [abv 4.5%]
Samuel Smith’s organic cider. V
55cl A very refreshing, pure, clean flavoured cider. Very versatile.
Thistly Cross whisky cask cider
33cl Made in Glen Moray Distillery casks. [abv 6.7%]
Wheesht alcohol free dark ale. 33cl. - [abv 0.0%] 3.50

Days alcohol free IPA -. 33cl. - [abv 0.0%]

[All our beers are Vegan; All our beers are from Scotland]

Fentimans lemonade, rose lemonade, ginger beer (275ml)
Leftfield Kombucha sencha green
Karma cola / Diet karma cola (300ml)
Mineral water
25cl bottle 1.95 75cl bottle 3.50

Freshly squeezed orange juice
Selection of organic juices (apple, cranberry, spicy tomato, carrot and ginger)
If you would like a straw, please ask your server  

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Set Menu available daytime Sunday to Friday until 4.30pm and groups of 6+ every evening.

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Please note that the restaurant doesn’t take bookings in August during the Edinburgh Festival (5 - 29 Aug). Come early if you can.
Thank you.

Edinburgh Restaurant Awards 2019.

Winner! Best Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant.

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 56-58 St. Mary’s Street, Edinburgh.

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 0131 556 5888

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